1. Occasionally, scheduled appointments may change, and customers will be notified in advance for rescheduling.


2. We aim to build long-lasting community relationships and treat each customer with respect and courtesy.

3. We are not a full-service landscape/irrigation company. Large jobs are referred to local companies. In some cases, we will do more extensive upgrades if the details fit into our abilities and the client's budget.

4. We do not haul away old irrigation materials—the amount of leftover parts from an installation fit into the average-size trash container.


5. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person or party who treats us rudely, disrespectfully, or refuses to pay for the services rendered, including the minimum fee for a service call that may entail a minor adjustment or assessment. Sometimes, a fix can take less than 10 minutes. We stress that the value of our service isn't based on time but on quality and efficiency.

6. We do not give printed receipts of materials due to the time required to list the amount of miscellaneous parts, which is a general business practice. Customers pay full retail for materials. Customers who want to buy their materials must find another irrigation company. We have found that when a customer gets involved with buying parts to save money, the job becomes more complicated, and in many cases, they don't buy the quality of materials we install.


7. Sometimes, we refer our clients to landscape companies for repairs, maintenance, and installations. We are not responsible for the outcome of jobs from the companies we refer to. The companies we refer have demonstrated to us quality and reliability up to the date of the referral. Sedona Irrigation is a sole company exclusive to irrigation inspections and consultation. Please do your due diligence using our inspection report to make educated decisions with other companies. The landscape companies we refer to are not affiliated with Sedona Irrigation.


8. Sedona Irrigation is not a licensed contractor. We follow the guidelines of Arizona Handyman Law.