Irrigation System Assessment and Consultation

Irrigation systems can be complex. Assessing their condition requires a trained eye to advise on necessary maintenance and improvements. Sedona Irrigation helps homeowners make educated decisions on their irrigation system.

What condition is your system in?

With proper maintenance, an irrigation system can have a long lifespan. When an upgrade is necessary, it is vital to be armed with knowledge before you make critical decisions.

Get objective advice.

As a repair service, we can give you recommendations if you need a considerable upgrade or complete system replacement before you call a full-service landscape company. This will arm you with objective advice. In some cases, we can do larger upgrades depending on the details and time of year.

Our Assessment includes:  

We can teach you how to do your own system maintenance.

For homeowners who want to manage their irrigation system themselves, we can show you how to use the timer, what models and parts we recommend, and how to maintain their system year-round.

Optimizing water flow can show you how to lower your water bill.

Water-saving tips regarding the right emitters, proper timer programming, and seasonal maintenance are also discussed.